fun agility

Fulfilling and Fun!

Advanced Skills Courses:
Advanced Obedience Skills - Further developing the partnership between you and your dog
Advanced Heelwork Skills - Further developing the fitness and attentiveness of your dog
Advanced Problem Solving Skills - Further delevoping the brain training of your dog
These unique Advanced Skills Courses are designed to get the very best out of your relationship between you and your dog, with a huge emphasis on enrichment and enjoyment.

Site moved and updated!

Apologies for the extended downtime of the site. We're back now, faster and more colourful than ever! The site was due an upgrade and an overhaul, mainly due to the old site running slow and other intermittent problems. I have completely re-done the site from scratch, so unfortunately this does mean that if you have previously registered on the site (when booking onto a course) you will have to re-register when booking onto a follow-on course. Huge apologies for that, but unfortunately my knowledge of integrating old info into a new database is somewhat limited!

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