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Kadarow is based in Bournemouth, Dorset, and we run dog training courses in local church halls, including Puppy, Novice/Intermediate, Kat's unique Advanced Skills Courses (including Heelwork to Music and Problem Solving/Puzzles/Obstacle Course) and Foundation Indoor Fun Agility, as well as one-to-one training. All of our classes are run as well-structured, specially designed courses. Two people can attend per dog, and we can also allow some small families to attend - Kadarow is inclusive and family-friendly!

Kadarow is run by Kat Rowlands, who has many years experience in the handling and training of dogs; she has been running dog training classes in Bournemouth since 2004. Kat has written extensive training manuals (one for each course), which fully complement and support the courses and are included in the course fees.

Attending dog training classes can be very exciting, but also nerve-wracking (especially if you've never done it before) and Kat recognises this; she runs all the classes in a relaxed and friendly manner. Kat is not only very much a doggy person, she's also a people person and that quality is vital, when it comes to running dog training classes. She is there to help train you to train your own dog. In the training classes, Kat's approach is one of positive encouragement and giving you, the owners, the confidence and the knowledge to train your own dogs. Many people in the past have commented on how much they've enjoyed Kat's classes and the fact that she really gets to know the dogs and people and gives it the "personal touch". Kat recognises that every dog and person is different and that different techniques and approaches are required with different dogs and people.

All of the methods used are positive, motivational and reward-based. Coercive and negative methods are an absolute no-no and Kadarow does not advocate the use of check/choke chains, prong collars, electric collars, rattle tins, water sprays, or anything which could be harmful or cause distress to a dog. Like most dog trainers today, everyone at Kadarow simply knows that dogs who enjoy their training, and have fun along the way, not only pick everything up more quickly, they are also much happier in themselves. Aside from that, dogs have a basic right to be treated well and not be forced to do anything that distresses them.

Fulfilling and Fun!

Advanced Skills Courses:
Advanced Obedience Skills - Further developing the partnership between you and your dog
Advanced Heelwork Skills - Further developing the fitness and attentiveness of your dog
Advanced Problem Solving Skills - Further delevoping the brain training of your dog
These unique Advanced Skills Courses are designed to get the very best out of your relationship between you and your dog, with a huge emphasis on enrichment and enjoyment.

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