Puppy Course and Socialisation

The regular Puppy Course is on hold for now and will be back once things stabilise and Covid restrictions are greatly eased.
In the meantime, there are other options available, including live Zoom training sessions. There will also be group socialisation/training sessions in the church hall once Covid guidelines allow. Both the Zoom sessions and in-person sessions will cover a lot of the content of the regular Puppy Course. Go to the Zoom page and the Socialisation page to find out more.

Our puppy foundation course is just that: a solid foundation to build upon and an introduction to dog training, for both puppy and owner alike. All of our training methods are positive and reward-based, because it’s crucial puppies enjoy their training, in a relaxed and fun way.

As a result of Coronavirus/Covid-19, an even bigger emphasis will be placed upon safe, controlled and well monitored socialisation during the training courses for the next few months. Group sessions will also be smaller than they usually would, with gaps between each session every evening. Full guidelines to ensure the sessions are Covid-secure will be sent out prior to your course starting.
While well monitored and structured, the sessions will have an informal atmosphere, with plenty of positive reinforcement/association strategies and techniques. Everything will be taken at each individual puppy or dog’s pace. Owners will also be encouraged to ask any advice about issues that might have arisen during or after lockdown, such as Separation Anxiety.

The Puppy Course is especially geared towards young puppies, after they've had their second vaccinations from the vet (usually around 11-12 weeks) up to 20 weeks of age.

It’s a very well structured course, during which all the puppy basics are covered, including:

Getting (and holding!) your puppy's attention
Controlled socialisation
Recall (coming back when called)
The Leave
Not jumping up
Ignoring distractions
Calming exercises
The Wait and Stay
Walking nicely on a loose lead
Basic positions (Sit, Down and Stand)
Toilet training
The Find/basic scentwork
Building confidence
Separation anxiety

There's much more as well, but that depends on individual issues/questions during the course; at the end of each class, we hold a question and answer session, during which owners are encouraged to ask advice about any concerns/little problems they might be having.

Katie has written an extensive training manual, which fully complements and supports the course and is included in the course fee.

During our puppy classes we don’t have an "off-lead free-for-all" (but never say never, should circumstances arise where this might be appropriate), because it’s important the slightly more nervous puppies don’t get overwhelmed. We do encourage all puppies to mix and mingle and just generally check each other out, at their own pace, and in a controlled way. It's also important that puppies learn to respond to their owners amidst distraction, and what more inviting distraction for a puppy than another puppy?

Puppy Course Info:

Course Duration:
5 weeks.
Course Venue:
St Edmund Campion Church Hall, Castlepoint, Castle Lane West, Bournemouth, BH8 9TN
Course Fee:
Included in Fee:
5 well structured 30 minute classes.
Full support paperwork (including an especially written training manual).
Puppy homework each week.
Training Methods Used:
We only use positive, reward-based training here at Kadarow. It is crucial that the puppies feel happy, confident and enjoy their training.

To begin with we encourage the use of "high value" treats, but then also encourage the practice of "random-rewarding" of the treats later on in the course (more will be explained about this during the course).
Toys are also used during some exercises and you will be told when to bring your puppy's favourite toy along.
The most important training aid is you, and your body language and voice; praise is crucial.

How Old Should Puppies Be?
The puppy course is geared especially towards young puppies and we accept them from a week after they've had their second vaccinations from the vet (usually around 11-12 weeks) up to 20 weeks of age.
Class Size:
Course Availabilty:
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How to Book:
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