About Us

Why the name Kadarow? It simply comes from the names Kat and Dave Rowlands. Kat runs Kadarow Dog Training, and Dave is her right-hand man.

Our Training Venue:
St Edmund Campion Church Hall,
Castle Lane West (in front of Castlepoint), Bournemouth, BH8 9TN.
Easily wheelchair accessible.
This is a fully air-conditioned spacious church hall, so even when the weather is at its hottest, it's a very cool and comfortable environment for the dogs to train within.
Two people can attend per dog, and we can also allow some small families to attend - Kadarow is inclusive and family-friendly!

Kat Rowlands
Kat is the proprietor of Kadarow Dog Training and has been running dog training classes in Bournemouth for fifteen years. Kat has vast experience of running training classes at all levels, and is constantly evolving and adapting her training methods, which are all positive and reward-based (positive reinforcement). As well as having extensive, hands-on experience, Kat qualified as a Gold level approved instructor with the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour (ADTB) back in 2006.
Kat runs all the classes and she gets a lot of enjoyment out of taking them, and does so in a relaxed and friendly manner. Her main aim is to support all owners and to encourage them to have fun with their dogs and get the very best out of them as a result. She pulls on her vast experience of all breeds, ages and temperaments to tailor the training to suit each individual's needs, within the class environment. Over the years, many people have commented on how well she gets to know each of the dogs, and as a result gives their training a "personal touch".
Kat grew up with dogs, and has always had dogs around her (her childhood pets were two adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels). In adult life, and with a family of her own, Kat has had two adorable collies: Travis, a Border Collie - the sweetest and most affectionate dog ever! Kat took him on as a rescue at six months of age. And Billy, who was an incredibly intelligent working sheepdog, and taught Kat so much. They were both the the loves of Kat's life in dog terms, and they both sadly passed away at the age of 15 - Billy in 2016, and Travis at the end of 2020 - Kat's heart still hasn't healed enough to get another, but knows the right dog will join her family and give her years of love and happiness again very soon! In the meantime Kat gets to experience the love and sheer joy of dogs during her classes.
Kadarow is Travis and Billy's legacy.

Kat with her beloved Billy

Jenny Keehan
Jenny joined our team at Kadarow (when it was Pawsitive) at the beginning of 2011. Jenny is a member and approved instructor of the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour (ADTB) and she qualified as a Gold level instructor in December 2011.
Jenny runs the Indoor Fun Agility Courses and holds a British College of Canine Studies Fun Agility Coaching Diploma (passed with Distinction). She is a Grade 3 handler in Kennel Club Agility and senior level with UKA Agility. Being a dog lover, Jenny has always owned a dog since her teens and currently has two - Bella, a kelpie x and Bessy who is a collie x. Bella is 7 years old and was obtained as a puppy. She has boundless energy and has walked up both Skafel Pike and Ben Nevis with no problem. She takes part in dog agility with Jenny. Bessy is about 6 years old and a rescue dog who had a very poor start in life but has been with Jenny since 2012 and is making good progress. Bessy also made it to the top of Ben nevis.

Jenny with her partner and her very fit dogs, Bella and Bessy, on top of Ben Nevis

Owning a puppy or dog is tremendous fun and can be very rewarding, and even more so if the puppy knows the basic obedience commands and is a happy, friendly sociable animal. Here at Kadarow that’s exactly what we aim to achieve, while working together with you and your puppy or dog.

At Kadarow we not only believe in the need for high quality obedience training, we also know the importance of the socialisation of your dog, not only with other dogs, but with humans, too. We do this through fun and reward methods. If a dog is enjoying themselves and having fun, they are much more willing to work. In fact, they don’t see it as work, much like us humans. We use fair, kind and effective methods with toys and treats to make training fun for both you and your dog!

Children are very welcome to come along to classes, but we must insist that they act in a calm and quiet manner. It almost goes without saying that dogs need to be happy, comfortable and confident in the presence of children, and because of this, Katie's own daughters will often be present at classes. We actively encourage children to take part, so if your child would like to be your dog's handler, then please let us know and we will do all we can to help.

Puppies and dogs of all ages, temperaments and abilities are most welcome to our classes - although if a dog has an aggression problem, it might be more suitable for all if work was done on a one to one basis, in the first instance - please check out the One to One page for more info on this. The only thing we insist on, for puppies and dogs of all ages, is that they are fully vaccinated.

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact Katie. Email: katie@kadarow.com phone/text: 07714 510815